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Empower Your Design Workflow

Discover the Benefits of Digital Asset Management for Design Teams

Why do you need a DAM service?
DAM services

Why do you need a DAM service?

Having a reliable Digital Asset Management service is the next critical addition to your design tool kit. With its help, you can:

  • Keep all your design assets in one common online library
  • Find the necessary files in mere seconds with simple & precise search
  • Discuss design assets and changes right inside
  • Keep track of your design history with simple and logical Version Control
  • Create collections with brand materials to share with partners and media.
  • Easily manage stock photos, copyright, and expiration dates.
  • Share your design work with other stakeholders without sending heavy emails.
  • Receive instant feedback from customers and colleagues.
Design repository for the whole team
Design repository for your team

Design repository for the whole team

A designer’s work revolves around digital assets - stock photos, references, videos, PSD documents, Sketch files, etc. If they are scattered around different computers and servers, sooner or later you find yourself in a terrible mess. helps you properly organise your assets into a common online library & provide managed access to it. You & your teammates can always find the files you need and be sure that you’re using the latest version.

Every design task requires unique tools. supports all tools or formats, without restrictions

All tools and formats supported
All tools supported

All tools and formats supported

Being a designer means that you use a variety of tools in your everyday work. Sometimes you need Photoshop, while other tasks require Illustrator or Sketch. does not limit you in tools you’re using. We support all file formats. You can put anything into your digital asset library from video files to fonts.
Use the power of integrations
Power of integration

Use the power of integrations offers seamless integration with Adobe CC tools. In a few simple steps, you can connect library with your design space in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, or After Effects. With this integration, you can easily browse your shared design repository without leaving Adobe workspace. You can find whatever you need in a matter of clicks and save your work directly in
Design plays an important role in the work we do at Recruitee and helps us efficiently centralize, manage and share our many visual assets. Ferdinand Goetzen
Chief Growth Officer
Version control for designers
Version control system for designs

Version control for designers

Back and forth loops are the main killers of productivity. However, these can be easily reduced with the help of version control tool. It streamlines your design process and keeps the whole history of the project in one place. Visual diff tool helps you compare similar assets and their versions. You can immediately see the difference and understand what has changed and why.

Getting external feedback at the right time is anecessary part of design process

Show your design & get feedback
Connect reviewers or your customers

Show your design & get feedback DAM service allows you to share your design work with customers, reviewers, and other collaborators outside your team. In a matter of several clicks, you can showcase your design assets either individually or in bulk. Proofing feature helps you receive instant and precise feedback from the unlimited number of stakeholders.

The relationship between design and development teams could be the main reason you hit or miss your goals

Communicate with your team
Instant notifications

Communicate with your team

Your team can discuss design assets and changes right in You can leave marks and write comments right on the image leaving no chance for misunderstanding or confusion. All discussions are linked to particular versions and saved for future reference. Instant notifications in multiple channels - email, Slack, browser push or in-app messages - keep the whole team to be on the same page.

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