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helps to manage design assets
perfect design process

Organise your design workflow

Effectively work with design assets and deliver results Keep all design assets in a shared repository, find the right files in mere seconds, discuss designs with less distraction, update your coworkers with the changes, never miss a comment

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perfect design process
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put design files in order
Design repository for
your team
Design requires lots of digital assets - stock photos, videos, PSD files, sketch files etc. It’s really hard to manage all of them in different places. allows to properly organise your assets into a common library and provide managed access to that. Your teammates will be able to find any asset they need and you will know that they’re using the latest version.
"Use proper tools for every step of the design process. doesn’t restrict you in tools or formats"
foundation of your design team
All tools supported
Every design task requires unique tools. Sometimes you need Photoshop, other times Illustrator or Sketch. We don’t limit you in tools you’re using. You can put anything from video files to fonts into your digital asset library.
sketch file viewer
"Making design without using version control is risky, it’s the same as not having backups"
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GitHub for designers
Version control system
for designs tracks every change you make. Activity tool allows to review all versions and understand what was done and why. It’s reduces back and forth loops which are the main productivity killer.
"The relationship between design and development teams could be the main reason you hit or miss your goals"
customers is part of the process
Answer questions
Your team can discuss design assets and the changes right in Visual markers help to precisely define points of interest. All the discussions are linked to particular versions and saved for the future.
design review and delivery
"It’s crucial to keep everyone on the same page about the design changes"
estimate resources
design update notifications
Instant notifications will tell your coworkers when something changes. Smart notification system is integrated with email, Slack and web browser push notifications. With everybody is always in the know. Audit trail log provides comprehensive information about the full flow of the changes that happen to all of your assets.
"Getting external feedback at the right time is a
necessary part of a design process"
customers is part of the process
Connect reviewers or
your customers
Present your design to receive feedback from someone outside of your team. Proofing feature allows to gather feedback about your design from unlimited number of outside collaborators.
how to deliver design work
logo is the best way to organize your workflow.