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is the best DAM for universities, colleges and schools
perfect design process

Digital asset management for
educational institutions

Keep your photos, videos, and other digital assets in a common library with full control is the most affordable digital asset management solution on the market. Clear pricing allows to understand the cost of the solution without endless calls with salespeople

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perfect design process
Featured in
"Digging through folders of a file server, in search for an alumni photo or a video, takes inordinate amount of time. helps to find the right files in mere seconds" for designers
fast search through images library
Find files fast
It’s impossible to search for an asset without an organized database of your assets. turns multidimensional database search index into incredibly simple to use, but at the same time very effective search tool. You can even save your frequent searches for later and share them with your colleagues.
"Google Drive offers unlimited storage space for educational institutions. makes this space habitable"
foundation of your design team
Unlimited storage
Your activities require tons of digital assets, especially when it comes to high quality formats like video or high resolution photos. uses Google Drive storage for your assets library. Since Google Drive is free for educational institutions, doesn’t limit you and your team to numbers or sizes, when it comes to storage.
G Suite for education
"It’s really hard to predict which file format you will need tomorrow. Searching for applications that can handle each format
will take forever"
estimate resources
convert photos school, colledge, university
All formats supported
Sometimes you need to work with raw photos, high resolution videos, other times Adobe Photoshop files. We don’t limit you in formats you want to use. You can add anything from video files to fonts into your digital assets library.
"Forgotten photos you will never find, videos no one has ever seen, stock assets purchased twice and more. You need a digital asset management solution to organise your digital library"
customers is part of the process
Managed asset repository
for your organization
It’s really hard to manage all files scattered through different places. allows to properly organise your files into a library and provide managed access to that. Your colleagues will be able to find any asset they need in seconds.
organize colledge photo library
"Digital files metadata is a great source of additional information that helps to find the files"
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add metadata to photo and video files
Manage assets metadata allows to manage your asset metadata. It will parse each file on it’s upload and add all of the information to the database. Also, you can define your own set of custom fields to support your unique workflow.
"Sometimes you need to show a set of photos, videos or just your college logo to someone outside"
customers is part of the process
Easily share your assets outside of the library allows to create a website from any subset of your assets. You can create a website in just a couple of clicks. It’s handy when you need to report your activities to donors, provide your students with relevant files, or pass your logos to press. You can choose among a number of beautiful templates and even protect your website by password.
website for colledge, school, university
"It’s really handy when you can provide your new colleague with access to the digital assets they may need in the future"
estimate resources
share photos and video inside school, colledge, university
Expand your team
in seconds
With you can add or remove team members in just a few clicks. You can also manage your users’ permissions to allow them do precisely what they need and where they need it. When you’re working with outside contractors you can just show them a certain part of your digital library.
logo is the best way to work with your digital assets library.