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Compare files online easily
with our diff tool!

Make use of simple and efficient file comparison tool in

Compare similar
images, designs,
and videos

Pick & compare any two files. Find unnecessary duplicates & get rid of them.

Simple diff
checker for
various files

Simple online diff tool for all file formats. Compare images, Sketch design files, etc.


Easy and straightforward - side by side comparison for images, design files, and videos.

How to compare files?

How to compare files?

  • Select any two files in
  • Enable diff checker & start side by side сomparison
  • Drag the switcher and compare two files in one go
  • Spot the difference between the files instantly!
Version control tool
how to version control

Version control tool

  • Simple and robust solution for Sketch version control
  • Compare versions of design files and vector images
  • Visual version control for designers and non-programmers
Video & photo comparison
compare files online

Video & photo comparison

  • Visual diff checker for videos and photos
  • Place files side by side and immediately find the difference
  • Compare two images or videos with ease!

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