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is the first and most affordable digital asset management system
perfect design process

Digital asset management for nonprofits

Keep all digital assets in a shared repository, find assets in mere seconds, discuss them and update your coworkers
with the latest changes is the most affordable digital asset management solution on the market. Clear pricing allows to understand the cost of the solution without endless calls with sales representatives

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perfect design process
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"Photos, videos and other media files occupy an enormous amount of storage space, no matter how much you spend on storage
it’s still never enough" for designers
Cheap storage for media files
Unlimited storage
Nonprofit activities require tons of digital assets, especially when it comes to high quality formats like video or high resolution photos. uses Google Drive storage for your assets library. Since Google Drive is free for nonprofits, doesn’t limit you and your team to numbers or sizes, when it comes to storage.
"Every time we get files in different formats, it’s a huge pain to find an appropriate application for each format"
foundation of your design team
Scale your team in seconds
We know that nonprofits often change the size of the core team. With you can add or remove team members in just a few clicks. You can also manage your users’ permissions to allow them to do precisely what they need.
images management for non-profits
"With your teammates can easily find any file they need without questions and distraction"
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centralized files management
Common asset repository
for your team
It’s really hard to manage all assets scattered through different places. helps you properly organise your assets into common library and provide managed access to that. Your colleagues will be able to find any asset they need in seconds.
"Files metadata and additional custom fields allow to categorize your media files and organize any workflow for these files"
customers is part of the process
Manage assets metadata allows to manage your asset metadata. It will parse each file on it’s upload and add all of the information to the database. Additionally, you can define your own set of custom fields to support your own unique workflow.
search and manage metadata
"Being on the same page is important for any team. keeps your team updated on the changes that took place in your media files"
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notify team about file changes
Instant notifications will tell your coworkers whenever something changes. Smart notification system is integrated with email, Slack and web browser push notifications. With everybody knows what changes the moment it changes. Audit trail log provides comprehensive information about the full flow of changes that took place in all of your assets.
"Sharing rich media files with our partners, donors and press
is a big issue"
customers is part of the process
Share your assets
with the world allows to create a website from any subset of your assets. It’s handy when you need to report your activities to donors or general public.
Websites for non-profilts
"Sometimes my team expands three folds, sometimes decreases by two times. It’s a challenge to provide everyone with all
the digital assets they need"
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convert between formats
All tools supported
Sometimes you need to work with raw photos and high resolution videos, other times Adobe Photoshop or Sketch. We don’t limit you in formats you want to use. You can add anything from video files to fonts into your digital assets library.
logo is the best way to work with your digital assets library.