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Easy access to your digital library right from Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop
Why integrate with Photoshop?
Why integrate with Photoshop

Why integrate with Photoshop?

Free integration with Adobe Photoshop saves you tons of precious time. Everything you need for your creative work is right at hand!

You can:

  • Enjoy a convenient shortcut between your shared library and Photoshop workspace
  • Browse your storage without leaving Photoshop
  • Easily find references, branding materials, and previous designs
  • Open images from as new documents or add them as layers
  • Save your work straight back to library as new assets
  • Add your edited images as revisions & keep your creative workflow organized with version control tool.
Integration of a whole bunch of file formats seems the most important thing… and from a designers view the plugin for Adobe PS and AI came in just perfectly. Benjamin Frischbier
Art Direction
SAE Institute GmbH
How to integrate with Adobe Photoshop?
How to integrate with Adobe Photoshop

How to integrate with Adobe Photoshop?

The easiest way to connect with Adobe Photoshop is to install our free plug-in from Adobe Creative Cloud. After a couple of clicks you’ll find among the available extensions, and you can start using it!

Alternatively, you can download our zxp installer & activate it with free Adobe CC extension manager. Please consult our help center for details.

That’s it! Now you have full access to your storage right from Photoshop.

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