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Custom Development

Mismanaged media libraries make businesses lose money

perfect design process
Featured in is an advanced asset management system but businesses sometimes need more. Our customers still marvel us offering new and smart requirements. Although we put most of their requirements right into our development pipeline it happens when business needs something really special. In that case we are happy to assist providing custom development service.

So if you need to add something to and your request doesn’t match its current functionality and our roadmap, you may order custom development. It’s a really handy service based on competitive prices and deep expertise. Still, it requires your involvement.

First of all, we will need to get the sense of what you’re looking for. Explain your need to us in an email, try to figure out what functionality you miss and how your are going to use it. Think about that as if it already exists. We will try to match your request with our current roadmap and development pipeline. If that meets vision we will provide you with the forecast of the feature availability and probably ways to accelerate development process. If your request, for some reason, is out of our roadmap, in most of the cases, we still can develop it for you. In this case we will try to estimate development costs and probably come up with questions to better understand your needs.

Thanks to our deep expertise most of the requests are pretty fast to implement and that’s really cost effective. Our rates are around $50/hr that is much lower than around the industry.

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