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Powerful integrations
to make the most of your
digital library in has powerful integrations
with Google Drive and Slack, which help you streamline your workflows and optimize your digital assets management.

Google Drive

How is integrated
with Google Drive? Integration with Google Drive constitutes the cornerstone of the platform’s functionality. The app is built on top of Google Drive and makes effective use of it to store your digital assets.

This brings you a lot of benefits:

  • Your digital assets are safely stored within Google Drive - the world’s most reliable and robust cloud storage.
  • It makes a value for money option, as you are not being overcharged for keeping your assets on 3rd party servers
  • Owning a G-Suite account allows you to get unlimited storage space for your digital library.
  • The cryptographic keys provided by Google Drive API guarantee the privacy of your assets.

What does do in Slack?

Integration with Slack helps you constantly stay up-to-date with any iterations happening to your digital files in

By enabling the integration You can:

  • Get notifications about assets being updated or shared, new asset versions uploaded or commented;
  • Search for particular assets and collections;
  • Keep track of your team activity in;
  • Turn to @picsio bot with direct inquiries about your digital library.
  • Receive notifications with all the relevant info in the selected channel in Slack

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