Digital Assets Management

Your cost-effective DAM solution based on Google Drive

The success of your business largely depends on the digital content you produce. As the number of your digital assets grows, it calls for a solution to keep all your photos, videos, artworks, design mockups, and other marketing collateral in order. In other words, you need a Digital Asset Management software.

What is DAM?

A digital assets management (DAM) solution helps you organize your digital library in a highly efficient way. With its help, you can easily find the right assets, classify them in different ways, compare versions, discuss them with teammates, share publicly, etc.

DAM service saves you hours of looking for the necessary files, helps you manage the copyright of your purchased stock, and maintains the overall brand consistency. Simply put, DAM makes your digital content truly work for the benefit of your business. has dramatically sped-up the process of storing, sorting, and searching our photos. The positive impact it has had on our productivity has been immeasurable. And it uses our existing Google Drive storage, so no need to manage yet another cloud storage platform. Evan Balko
Content Specialist
Concordia College

Who needs a DAM system?

  • Any fast-growing business or institution with expanding volume of digital content
  • Companies and organizations that generate and process lots of digital media
  • Marketers and content managers who want to find and reuse corporate assets really fast
  • Decentralized teams that need a common digital library as a central “source of truth”
  • Creative agencies and software developers that who look was efficient creative asset management

A professional DAM service, such as, can easily adapt to the specifics of any organization and satisfy the interests of any industry.

Take full advantage of your digital library

What are the benefits of Digital Assets Management?

Limitless online digital library DAM is built on top of Google Drive. So, it doesn’t limit the number, type or size of your assets. The only restriction is the size of your Google Drive.

Limitless & dynamic library
It is very intuitive and brings a lot of necessary features for today's workflow. For me, the foundation with Google Drive integration was tipping the scale and I made the decision to get more into it. Benjamin Frischbier
Art Direction
SAE Institute GmbH

Cloud-based DAM

Access and share your digital assets, track and review your creative projects and communicate with your teammates from wherever you are.

In-depth metadata management

Take advantage of advanced EXIF/XMP processing and create your own custom fields to reflect the specifics of your business. Establish a unique corporate taxonomy for your digital content.

Quick search

Stop wasting time on looking for the files you need. Apply various search filters and tags to find the necessary assets in no time.

Version control

Keep all design iterations in one place. Compare and contrast them easily with visual comparison tool for different file formats, even multi-page Sketch and video.

Empower teamwork

Invite teammates to your digital library and give them different roles & permissions. Exchange feedback, assign tasks, and review designs right in

Empower your team

Easily file sharing

Easily share your assets individually or in bulk right from Make use of pre-designed templates and get feedback from external stakeholders.

Powerful integrations

Connect your DAM to your favorite apps and automate your workflows. Integrate your online library with project management tools, sales apps, publishing platforms, etc.

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