Digital Assets Management

Take full advantage of your digital library

The success of your marketing and sales effort heavily depends on the digital content you produce. Its ever-growing volume calls for a solution to keep all photos, videos, artworks, design mockups, and other marketing collateral in order.

A digital assets management (DAM) solution, helps you handle your entire digital content. It prevents files from being siloed, misused or ridden with duplicates, and makes them work for the benefit of your business. is a DAM solution that can easily adapt to the specifics of any organization and satisfy the interests of any industry.

Take full advantage of your digital library

Who needs a DAM system?

Integrating a Digital Assets Management system is a must for any fast-growing online business. A common enterprise-wide Digital Assets Management system allows you to use your content in the most reliable and effective way. It saves you hours of looking for the necessary files, helps you manage the copyright of your purchased stock, and maintains the overall brand consistency.

Decentralized teams are those which benefit the most from adopting a DAM system, as everybody gets access to the central “source of truth” of a common digital library. has dramatically sped-up the process of storing, sorting, and searching our photos. The positive impact it has had on our productivity has been immeasurable. And it uses our existing Google Drive storage, so no need to manage yet another cloud storage platform. Evan Balko
Content Specialist
Concordia College

How do you benefit from DAM?

Limitless & dynamic library

When it comes to storing digital assets, one of the first and the most acute issues that arises is the storage space. With ever-expanding content, it never seems enough! Good news is that doesn’t limit the number, type or size of your assets. The only restriction is the size of your Google Drive. But if you have a G-Suite account, you automatically get limitless storage space to the bargain, which you can put to effective use with the help of

Your Google Drive and are synchronized, so your digital library always remains an up-to-date and reliable source of content for the whole team.

Limitless & dynamic library

Common enterprise-wide taxonomy

A Digital Assets Management system allows you to build a consistent and coherent library out of your numerous and diverse digital assets. You are free to create a transparent and reliable taxonomy for your digital files that would reflect the specifics of your enterprise. You can distribute digital assets among collections, classify files according to various criteria, and tag them in a variety of ways.

All these attributes make your digital library easily searchable. In the long run it saves you and your teammates a lot of man-hours. No more lost, misused or outdated content. You can always find the relevant assets in a matter of seconds, and you no longer need to disturb others by asking for their help.

Empower your team

Digital Assets Management is not only about the files you have in your digital library. It’s also about the people who use its content. Apart from a robust and consistent library, a Digital Assets Management solution gives you the tools for optimizing your team’s workflow.

A solution like facilitates collaboration on shared projects for the whole team. You can take advantage of a simple and powerful version control, approval procedure, comments, visual markers, and many other tools to streamline your creative teamwork.

Empower your team

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