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Once we got a camera

That's how our photo management quest began...

We tried folders on a computer

They became a mess and we could access photos only at home

We bought an external hard drive

Cleaned dust off it more often that actually plug it in

Got a Network Attached Storage

It was too techy and worked slowly, especially over the Internet.

Now is the time for

20 000 people moved their
photo management
to the cloud.

I basically want a system that will work for me for the next 30 years or so. Something that will be able to evolve on its own not requiring much manual work from me.
To make it work you need an extendable and connected storage and web application that can work with it. That's exactly how is designed. Your photos are in redundant and secure cloud storage - Google Drive.
My photo library won't fit on my laptop's SSD. But I do want to access it from it. Also, I shoot RAW. Is it supported?
Cloud is perfect for that. You can access your entire photo library on any device, even on a phone. only loads the items you currently view and need. RAW is welcome. And many other great formats are welcome too :)
photo library+Collaboration
$ 3 / month $ 30 / year
Basic plan+ Website creation + Autotagging
$ 5 / month $ 50 / year
Professional plan+Up to 5 users
on one account
$ 10 / month $ 100 / year
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