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is a digital assets repository for your team
perfect design process integration with Slack

Streamline your teamwork in with instant notifications in Slack

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perfect design process
Featured in is a comprehensive solution for managing your digital assets. It helps you organize your files, collaborate with teammates on shared projects, and showcase your work to others. for designers
How to integrate with Slack?
It takes just a few clicks to integrate your account with Slack.
  1. Sign into your account go to “Settings” menu
  2. Select “My Account” and choose “Notifications” tab.
  3. Click “Add to Slack” button to invite bot to your workspace in Slack.
  4. Log into your Slack account and add @picsio bot by pressing “Authorize”.
Alternatively, you can invite bot to your channel in Slack by sending a message “/invite @picsio” to that channel.
What does do in Slack?
Integration with Slack chat helps you constantly stay up-to-date with the recent changes happening to your digital files in You can:
  • get notifications about assets being commented or updated, new asset versions uploaded or website created;
  • search for particular assets and collections;
  • keep track of your team activity in;
  • turn to @picsio bot with direct inquiries about your digital library.
How do notifications appear in Slack chat?
Notifications appear in the channel you selected for @picsio bot, with links to the asset that is being discussed, and the name of the user who caused this change.
logo Stay aware of all changes in your digital assets with Slack.