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Digital Asset Management for Marketers

How DAM increases your marketing efficiency

in one place

Do you sometimes fail to find your marketing materials, so you have to create them from scratch? An average person looks for a media file 83 times a week & fails to find it 35% of time. What a waste!

media files
in seconds

82% of businesses report that finding assets is the biggest challenge they have when working with digital assets. It’s time to solve this issue & reclaim one extra month a year!


Creating marketing materials means a lot of teamwork. Research shows that 72% of companies have problems giving staff access to assets, which affects collaboration among departments.

Manage your marketing lifecycle
with Digital Asset Management solution

Productivity growth
Productivity growth

Productivity growth

Provide other staff members with access to assets and improve productivity across departments. Increase the re-use of marketing materials by 73% and join the 89% of top performers using DAM in order to create standardized workflows for the digital asset upload process.

Better collaboration
Better collaboration

Better collaboration

Top performers are 7 times more likely to streamline their content management process with DAM to increase collaboration and digital assets access. Join the top performers community.

Search results improvement
Search results improvement

Search results improvement

Join the top performers within the business community experiencing 67% improvement in search results after the introduction of digital asset management solutions in their organizations.

Operational efficiency growth
Operational efficiency growth

Operational efficiency growth

Increase your operational efficiency. Join 65% of top performers using DAM to improve approval processes within workflows and maximize return on investment or DAM.

Assets centralization in one place
Assets centralization in one place

Assets centralization in one place

Incorporate DAM into the “bigger picture” by using it as a centralized digital library within the overall multi-system business workflow. Join 46% of top-performers who manage their brand consistency more effectively with central DAM repository for their assets.

It’s so easy to find and reuse images with! Everything is kept in one place and we can tag and sort our files cross-team, and then share them with our PR team. Without it would be impossible to keep on-top of our social media marketing. Alex Wilder
Head of Design & Branding
Inception Group
What we really like about is that it allows you to build everything off your Google Drive. It’s really great as we’re already paying for Google Drive to store all our files in the cloud, so it seems kind of silly to pay twice, right? With you get the same unlimited storage for the same effective price! Ross Cromartie
RocketBrand is very intuitive and brings a lot of necessary features for today's workflow. For us the foundation with google drive integration was tipping the scale and I made the decision to get more into it. I guess for somebody getting in touch first time with classical dam-services it is a perfect starter with more than fair pricing and a 24/7 scaling option for all features. Integration of a whole bunch of file formats seems the most important thing, even native google online formats and from a designers view the plugin for adobe PS and AI came in just perfectly. Benjamin Frischbier
Art Direction
SAE Institute GmbH has dramatically sped-up the process of storing, sorting, and searching our photos. The positive impact it has had on our productivity has been immeasurable. And it uses our existing Google Drive storage, so no need to manage yet another cloud storage platform. Evan Balko
Content Specialist
Concordia College
Communications And Marketing

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