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Google Sheets

Visualize your spreadsheets with icons, logos, receipts, and product images

Google Sheets logo add-on for Google Sheets add-on for Google Sheets add-on for Google Sheets

Helps to keep all your visuals only a click away and guarantee brand consistency across all documentation with for Google Sheets.

Whether you need to add receipts to expense-tracking spreadsheets, icons to icon libraries, logos to better brand your resources, product images to inventory lists, or any other images for Google Sheets is here to help.
Why integrate and Google Spreadsheets?
Why integrate and Google Sheets?

Why integrate and Google Spreadsheets?

  • Embed visual content from your media library right into your Google Sheets and illustrate the shared spreadsheet in seconds
  • Browse and search your media library without leaving your Google Sheet document
  • Navigate your library in Google Sheets easily – just use our advanced search & the tree of collections
  • Access required visuals right from your media library and insert them into the cells of the spreadsheet in seconds
  • Customize your shared spreadsheet with logos, icons or other branded features
  • Create your branded spreadsheets, save them back to and store for the future use

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