version control for designers

Simple version control system
for design that works

Keep history, control changes,
sync with the team helps a team to manage design changes over time

Keep the whole team in sync

Each design file in accompanied with all history of the changes. It’s really easy to get who, when and why changed a file. That helps to keep all the team on the same page.
sync in team

Instantly update your team about latest changes

When you or your colleague changed a design file will automatically notify your team about the change. Each teammate may configure the most suitable communication channel - email, browser notifications or even our Slack bot.
notifications about updates

Visually track the changes

Our visual diff tool allows to load two versions and visually check the difference between them. That allows to easily report design changes, dramatically reduces number of back-and-forth miscommunication loops.
visual version control

Improve understanding of a change check-in labels allow to add descriptive comments for each change. Now you don’t need to tell all the team what was the intention of ‘that button color change’. Integrations to GitHub issues and Asana tasks are coming soon.
control changes and progress

Get feedback instantly

Ultimate activity panel allows not just track versions, your colleagues can send you their comments right there. Moreover, they may specify areas of interest using visual markers. You may get the comments right to your email, as web push notifications or into Slack chat.
instant feedback
Whether you’re a Mac or a Windows, PSD or Sketch, Chrome or Firefox - we work with all.

Make your workflow super efficient, software developers are using version control systems for years - now you can too.