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is an easy and powerful media assets management for your team
perfect design process

Media assets management for your team

Wide-purpose modern platform that contains all features required for advanced media content management #1 choice of digital teams around the globe

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perfect design process
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"Media asset management allows to manage rich content files such as audio, video or photo files" for designers
store video, audio and photo files
Easily manage your
media files is a modern Digital Media Asset Management system that allows to consolidate management of your product images, purchased stock, videos, design, audio and other files. It helps companies manage their media assets with technology, that enables file navigation with custom filters, sharing media files online across the entire organization, simplifying collaboration with external freelancers and clients. With you will be able to keep your media assets in order.
"It’s crucial to find your files fast. Multidimensional categorization system that allows to tag files with keywords, flags, put them into collections and color-code them, is a cornerstone of efficient process of a file retrieval"
foundation of your design team
Find important files
in seconds
Every media file you need, should be easily accessible. You no longer have to remember the name of the file in order to locate it. With you can set your own filters based on keywords, descriptions, custom metadata, client name, project, account manager or copyright information. reads metadata from all major media formats and is fully IPTC compliant.
search through photos and videos
"Media asset management systems were really expensive, only big companies could afford to use them"
estimate resources
cheap storage for video, audio and photo files
Cost-effective and
simple to use is built on Google Drive, to keep all your assets safe in one place. It also allows you to get unlimited storage space for your company for affordable pricing per month/year - contact us here if you would like to know more about the unlimited storage option. Our system uses Google Drive as a storage for your assets, that allows to get unlimited space that costs almost nothing. Drop us an e-mail if you want to know more about unlimited storage option.
"A media assets database makes sense only if it’s available throughout the organization and is accompanied with the right permissions"
customers is part of the process
Collaborate profitably
To manage your assets effectively we’ve built a number of features that enable your team to collaborate on projects within a shared library. Review and provide feedback on designs, comment on new iterations, and get notified about all changes in the system. You can integrate our MAM with any project management software you use.
discuss video, photo, audio and design
Find necessary assets in a fraction of a minute, never miss updates from your design team, effectively distribute marketing collateral within organization and with external partners.
Get instant updates from your colleagues and customers, show your work to anyone in a few clicks, keep all your source files in one place with unified access from wherever you are.
Eliminate repetitive stock purchases, streamline your agency teamwork, let everyone work with the latest versions of media assets, build better client relations with the help of client portals.
Easily distribute latest versions of your branding materials over your network, instantly update all your partners with new materials.
logo is the most efficient MAM platform on the market.