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Everything you need to organize your digital library

Create a home for your digital files
Manage all your digital assets in one place

Create a home for your digital files

Safely store your library in the cloud. Every file format is welcome!

  • Images (raw photos, jpeg, png, etc.)
  • Documents (PDF, Word, PSD, etc.)
  • Sketch files
  • Videos
  • Multiple other formats (audio, 3D models, spreadsheets, etc.)
Classify files in different ways
Organize files in collections

Classify files in different ways

Keep your digital library consistent & neatly organized

  • Store files in hierarchical folders
  • Label you files in various ways for easy filtering
  • Safeguard the privacy of documents & folders
  • Connect related files with custom links
Great system! We've been using to store and modify our pictures here at work for some months now. The assistance is really good, fast and efficient. Anita Andriolo
Tag files with keywords
Tag assets with keywords

Tag files with keywords

Use keywords to simplify search through your digital library

  • Save time with automatic AI-based keywording
  • Keep your tagging consistent with a pre-designed list of keywords
  • Add keywords to multiple files simultaneously
Find necessary files faster
Powerful search

Find necessary files faster

Easily filter your digital library to discover what you need

  • Narrow down your search in different ways
  • Find PDF and AI files by content
  • Save frequent search results for future use
  • Take advantage of advanced search techniques
Good experience since day one, very supportive guys when having issues. And the technical development seems very straightforward to me. Benjamin Frischbier
Art Direction
SAE Institute GmbH
Track changes in your files
Version control

Track changes in your files

Use simple Version Control in to trace the history of your digital files

  • Say goodbye to “lost in versions” situations
  • Find older versions easily
  • Visually compare files & find difference between versions
  • Collaborate internally and externally
Support workflows - internally and externally
Empower your workflows

Support workflows - internally and externally

Streamline work processes & increase efficiency.

  • Empower your team with user roles & permissions
  • Simplify workflows by integrating with Adobe and other apps
  • Receive instant alerts and follow-ups from your team
  • Use as a central place for reviews, approvals & feedback
Monitor team activity with Audit Trail
Audit Trail

Monitor team activity with Audit Trail

Check your team performance & always stay in the loop.

  • Track all events happening in your digital library
  • Receive all important notifications on your email
  • Integrate your Slack account to get instant notifications
  • Receive real-time statistics about your team’s performance
Distribute your digital files with ease
Unlimited collaboration

Distribute your digital files with ease

Effortlessly share your work & get instant feedback.

  • Share individual & multiple files with external stakeholders
  • Send your files for review using proofing template
  • Control access to share links by setting expiration dates
  • Use Zapier to embed your digital files in third-party apps
Integrate your library with everyday tools
Integrate your library with everyday tools

Integrate your library with everyday tools

Speed up your work processes by integrating with your favorite apps

  • Automate routine processes with Zapier
  • Find & use files from library right from Adobe CC tools
  • Receive instant notifications in your chosen channel in Slack
  • Embed visual content from directly into Google Slides & Docs
Manage your files’ metadata

Manage your files’ metadata

Use metadata fields to classify your digital files & discover them quickly

  • See all available information embedded in your digital file
  • Create metadata fields specific to your company
  • Modify metadata & use it beyond

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