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There’s a huge demand for online video publishing shaped by deep penetration of video recording devices into consumer market. The most popular video publishing platform is YouTube. It allows to upload videos to share and actually share that video online. But if you’re a bit more serious about your video you will find a number of serious competitors of YouTube like Vimeo and similar. Those video sharing platforms are not free, but deliver more sophisticated set of tools. You will also need a tool to manage assets you used to create the video. This is where comes to play. You may upload all your video, sketches, audio and even PDF brief files into our media asset management system and work on that along with your colleagues or friends.
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Cloud Video Storage

When it comes to best cloud storage for video files you will find that most of cloud storages like Google Drive or Dropbox meet your needs. They work as private digital video storage replacing video storage server. The only weak side of those systems is that they’re replicating classic filesystem user interface that is not really good at managing media files. fixes that by delivering true asset management functionality on top of Google Drive. As well, Google Drive provides unlimited video storage for some of its users, contact us if you want to know more about this option.
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Video Asset Management (VAM)

Such systems allows to manage and distribute video files and related materials like drawings, audio, etc. In fact, video asset management software or system refers to digital asset management library or digital asset management system of a wide purpose. Working with uncompressed video brings some challenges to such systems but this case is relatively rare and there are a number of great solutions on the market. But if you need video asset management for conventional marketing or digital production purposes you have to check It allows to manage all your digital assets with really sophisticated collaboration functionality.
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Enterprise Video Content Management

Online video content is widely used in enterprises which brings a significant need in video content management software or systems. is a good solution for small, medium and large enterprises that allows to manage all digital assets of company. Since is built on top of Google Drive return on investment would much surpass other options available on the market.
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