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is a way to the perfect design process
perfect design process

Move to the perfect design process

Get a brief, gather the references, create the first prototype, discuss and refine, find the right assets, deliver Each step is essential, every step is covered

No credit card required.
perfect design process
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"Your creativity needs to be backed up by proper tools every step of the way. ensures an agile and distraction free process of constructive collaboration" for designers
Convert sketch files
All tools supported
Design creation requires unique tools. For some tasks designers need to use Adobe Photoshop, for others Sketch or Adobe Illustrator. Sources you’re using may vary from photos to video or audio files. does not restrict you in tools and formats. Use whatever works best.
"The design inventory is a foundation of your design team.
References and stock assets should be easily reachable
and properly organized"
foundation of your design team
Unlimited storage
Design requires lots of assets, especially when it comes to high quality formats like video or high resolution photos. uses Google Drive as the most affordable storage for your assets library. This is why doesn’t limit you and your team to numbers or sizes, when it comes to storage.
Use google drive for buisiness
"It’s really hard to exactly estimate resources that
you need to get a design done"
estimate resources
DAM for creatives
Easy team scaling allows to organize your team in mere seconds. You can start a project with just one designer, then add a copywriter, then connect a front-end developer, etc. It takes almost no time. You can blend your colleagues with part-time freelancers, add or remove them as the project progresses. We know that teams should be properly managed, so you can assign them roles with clearly defined permissions.
"At some point, a view from outside can change everything. Your customers or consultants become part of the process"
customers is part of the process
Unlimited reviewers
You don’t need to purchase additional accounts for your customers, partners or outside consulting. design proofing allows to get a protected access for anyone outside of your team. Just create a proofing website and send a link to whoever needs it.
design review process
"It’s really hard to be on the same page with everyone from your team and all the stakeholders. Properly configured updates channels allow to see the big picture"
estimate resources
Instant notifications
Smart notification system integrated with email, Slack and web browser push notifications allows to know what is happening in the exact moment it is happening. Audit trail log provides information on what changed and who and when made the changes.
update team when design changes
"Your business requires strict planning,
especially when it comes to costs"
customers is part of the process
Affordable digital asset management
Clear pricing
Unlike other solutions in the field, offers absolutely clear pricing model, starting as low as $6 per month, per seat.
logo the best way to organize your designers.