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Creative Project Management

Manage your creative teams towards fantastic results

Running a creative project can be a hassle. You have to align all the involved partners, ensure their access to one common source of materials, and put all the dispersed comments and ideas into a single creative workflow.

Major creative projects with both internal and external stakeholders involved eventually call for one centralized point of communication. You need a place where you can accumulate all the content and feedback together, manage access permissions, and organize approval rounds. helps you handle your creative project effectively from the initial brief to final delivery, without missing any important update!


How can
help your creative team?

Keep all project-related files
in a centralized space

Any creative project involves generating lots of digital materials - initial briefs from the client, preliminary sketches, photos, references, multiple drafts, final presentations, all sorts of marketing collateral, etc.

Digital assets management solution, such as, is the most efficient way to handle your digital content, keeping it searchable and easily retrievable when necessary. With its help, you can distribute all your project-related materials among various collections and classify them by means of keywords, color labels, etc. You can also connect related files between each other with the help of linked assets feature.

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Bring your creative
team together

Creative projects involve lots of various professionals - designers, marketers, photographers, brand managers and many other people who are all working towards a common goal. is a universal solution that helps you manage creative workflows in a simple and straightforward way. You can assign roles to teammates, grant them various permissions and give tasks. also facilitates your team communication. It’s a safe and secure environment where everybody can leave comments, approve and disapprove changes, and exchange feedback about design iterations. All the related notes and mentions stay next to revisions they refer to, eliminating any possible confusion.

Keep track of design process

Creative process is messy. It’s messy enough when you are a freelance designer working alone. Needless to say, it gets many times messier if you have a team working on the same project and numerous design iterations.

With you can easily track the progress of your design project and see where the creative process is heading. Real-time notifications keep you in the loop whenever a new asset or a new revision is uploaded or commented. Armed with a simple and robust version control tool, you can easily trace the chronology of your project and never confuse design versions. And if something goes wrong, a quick look at the Audit trail will clearly tell you everything you want to know about all the recent activity in

Keep track of design process

Publish your project
and get feedback

As your creative projects evolve through a series of design stages, you always need a prompt and precise feedback from your collaborators and customers. You want them to check your work from the distance and leave their comments so that you can move forward. has all the necessary instruments to do that. You can publish your work online and share it with anybody you want.

And when the project is ready, you can choose from a number of pre-designed templates to showcase your work to the best advantage. You can use it as a digital portfolio and easily update it without any extra design effort on your part.

Publish your project and get feedback

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